How we work

Our design approach is based on our core values. Therefore, our designs are:

Process Driven   |   Strategic   |    Unique   |    Collaborative  

Our approach to design is global. Meaning we have adopted the best practices from across the globe to create unique and solution oriented designs. Below we have explained each process of our global design approach.


Most design studios take a random approach to design, meaning they will start designing without really thinking about the end goal or purpose. On the other our SxD Process (Strategize > Explore > Design ensures that our final output is in alignment with your vision.


As can be seen, rather than trying to focus on a visual design we first focus on the strategy understanding the brand attribute, Customer Profile as well as your Business Goals. This forms the foundation to build a strategically strong design.


It's common practice among many designers / studios to simply use a design from stock sites, modify them slightly and show it to clients. The problem with this lazy approach is that it does not create unique designs. Without exploring concept areas of, all you'll get are designs that look the same as everyone else's.


Our design process is created such that at every step of the way, you (the client) would be on top of things. This process eliminates unnecessary suspense and time wastage that happens when finished designs are presented instead of sharing Work In Progress.

Editorial Design


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