About deepfriedcolors designs

We are a graphic design and strategy studio setup in 2011.

We help business owners and entrepreneurs promote their business effectively by creating unique brand identitiescraft messages for marketing communications as well as simplify information and data.

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Office #6-01, Orange Life, Sus Road, Pashan, Pune - 411021. India.

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Magnetic: How Small Businesses can Attract More Customers!

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Author: Nishchal Par - Principle Designer, deepfriedcolors designs

No. of Pages: 148

Overview of the Book:

Magnetic is based on a simple principle - 'if you want to attract, you must be attractive!'


With this book you will learn... 

  • The 3 Magnetic Mindsets that will help you make your business / product / service attractive

  • The Step-by-Step Process of creating an attractive brand identity

  • How to Evaluate your Design and Designers and much more


The book also has worksheets that you can use to make your business attract more customers.

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